Home-Workshops of Douala


The Douala Home-Workshop is located in the Littoral Region, Wouri division, sub-division of Douala 1st , in the heart of Bali neighborhood, DOUALLA MANGA Bell Avenue.   It occupies the former premises of the OCB (Cameroon Banana Company) which share a common wall with the building of the Société Générale des Banques du Cameroun, opposite the TOTAL station.  The building covers an area of approximately 1000m2.


The creation of the Douala Home-Workshop fit into the overall framework of the implementation of the government policy regarding the prevention and fight against juvenile delinquency especially among girls.
It specifically aims at:
• Preventing and treating social misfits among idle young girls or young girls in moral danger;
• Provide emotional and moral support to ensure economic independence;
• Encourage rehabilitation, resocialization and financial autonomy of the residents.
Thus, the Douala Home-Workshop is a specialized public institution of the Ministry of Social Affairs, in charge of the rehabilitation, the occupational training and the socio-economic reintegration of girls in difficult situations (young socially inadequate girls, young girls in moral danger or coming from needy families).


The Douala Home-Workshop was created in 1981 by Mr BORG of French nationality, an official of the International Labour Office (ILO), which served as technical advisor and Mrs. NDONG of Cameroonian nationality, as the project manager.  The latter will then be the first Director of this institution, following the Decree No.85/256 of 22 February 1985 establishing and organizing Home-Workshops.
Initially, the centre was located in the premises of the New Bell Social Service. Following the political events that shook the country in the early 1990s, the institution has seen its premises and all logistics burned and destroyed by acts of vandalism known as "villes mortes", which is the origin of the transfer of Home-Workshops from New-Bell to Bali.
Since its inception to the present day, the Centre was run by seven (07) directors and was successively under the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Social and Women's Affairs, the Ministry of Social Affairs.


Residents of the Home-Workshop consists of youth girls aged 14 to 18, idle girls, social inadequate, or girls in situations of school wastage.  They are recruited for a period ranging from 2 to 3 years, by an ad-hoc committee chaired by the Governor of the Littoral Region or his representative, based on a file including a social inquiry report prepared by the appropriate social services.
The said file include:
- 01 unstamped application addressed to the Governor of the Littoral Region c/o The Director of the Douala Home-Workshop;
- 01 copy of the birth certificate;
- 01 medical certificate;
- 01 school certificate;
- The transcripts of the previous year;
- 04 photos 4 x 4;
- The commitment of parents or guardians.
With a capacity of 200 seats, the Home-Workshop hosts 130 learners on a part-time basis.


1- Social aspect and education

- Interviews;
- Educational talks;
- Educational upgrading;
- Social and moral education;
- Health and sex education;
- Baby care;
- Sociocultural activities;
- Sport activities;

2- Technical and professional aspects

For 26 years, the Home-Workshop have been providing training for thousands of young Cameroonians and foreign girls in difficult situations or moral dangers in various sectors such as:
- Dyeing of fabric: tritik, batik;
- Sewing: cut;
- Hairdressing/aesthetic;
- Catering;
- Computing;
- Maternal assistance;


- Nursery and day-care facilities hosting 30 seats;
- Hairdressing/beauty;
- Fabric dyeing and printing;
- Production of loincloths, kabas, table cloths etc.;
- Production of banners;
- Office works;
- Catering service;
- Nursing care;


The staff of the the home-workshops is made up of:  Civil servants (09), Contract workers (06), Officials (04), Support staff (05).
It's a multidisciplinary team composed of: Social workers, Youth and animation advisor, Orientation advisor, Master of sport and physical education, Teachers of Secondary and basic education, Educators of general education, Monitors of (dyeing, sewing, hairdressing/beauty, maternal assistance, catery), Accountants.


The home-workshop is funded by:
- State subsidies (credits are bi-annual);
- Parental contributions;
- Various donations.


The administrative staff of the home-workshop include:
- A Board of Directors;
- A Direction;
- A hiring committee;
- A house council;
The centre opens at 7h30 and closes at 15h30 with a break from 12h to 13h.  On Wednesday, the day starts at 7h30 and ends at 12h30.



The two main buildings are old, showing many signs of decay that makes indisputable the need for rehabilitation.   There are leakage problems that are the direct cause of the destruction of equipment, furniture as well as office equipment.
Electrical installations are old enough and cause many failures, short circuits and voltage drops.

b- Human and material resources

- Lack of Teachers for the capacity building of illiterate residents;
- Lack of technical staff in the restoration workshops;
- Lack of special education because the institution has only one teacher and a senior educator;
- Lack of transportation means, the latest Toyota Liteace (minibus) vehicles and the Toyota carina2, that were made available to the Centre have been out of use for several years.

c- Residents

- Absences and recurring delays of learners;
- Difficult payment of the parental contribution.


•    Project for the expansion of secondary building, where the addition of one or two additional levels to house the boarding house for cases of social misfits and proven indigence as well as new workshops;
•    Revitalization of existing partnerships and creation of new ones;
•    Recycling or training of educators;
•    Setting up a platform of cooperation with foreign institutions operating in the same industry;
•    Acquisition of hardware for the initiation of residents to ICT;
•    Acquisition of offices.

Po Box : 3823  Phone: 33 42 74 54

Download the decree of creation (french version)